Used Moving Boxes – Potentially Hazardous To Your Health

July 15, 2023 0 Comments

Some years ago, people who were moving would often go looking for used boxes behind super markets and grocery stores. Nowadays, there are several companies who actually sell used boxes, especially online.
For example, one such web-based company references the pricing of companies who sell new moving boxes, in an attempt to convince people to purchase their lower-priced used boxes.

There is, however, many good reasons why new boxes are slightly more expensive than used ones. Many consumers are unaware of the hazards that come with moving your belongings custom nail polish boxes in used moving boxes. Firstly, used boxes are NOT as safe and reliable as new moving boxes. They are far more likely to collapse, especially if they’ve suffered any physical damage, wear ‘n tear, or exposure to water/moisture in the past. Furthermore, pre-used boxes come with a host of other hazards, such as:

  1. Lack of cleanliness.
  2. Insects or insect eggs may reside within the boxes. Furthermore, damaging parasites or insects such as bed bugs, termites, lice, scabies, and others may have come in contact with the boxes. Even one bed bug could result in a total infestation of your new home.
  3. Rodent droppings could reside in the carton, which may be extremely harmful to you and your families health.
  4. Lack of knowledge about what was previously in the carton (i.e. Packing your toothbrush in a box that once held a floor mat, or hazardous chemicals and cleaning materials).
  5. The strength and durability of the carton has been compromised.
  6. The box may contain odor from previous contents.

The average person who doesn’t move very often is likely to overlook these facts in the interest of saving a few cents. However, upon reviewing the (very real) hazards that come with used moving boxes, it becomes apparent that the potential damage that could be caused would be expensive to repair. Imagine bringing a box to your new home that not long before held a comforter that contained bed bug eggs. A potential infestation in your new home would be disastrous and very difficult and expensive to remedy. Furthermore, the value of safety is priceless, and your safety and sanitation can be compromised by packing with used boxes. Imagine packing your toiletries in a box that once held household cleaners. What if those cleaners leaked in the box? That is, without a doubt, a potential safety hazard.

Nevertheless, re-using boxes does go a long way as far as being “green” is concerned. The act of recycling, many believe, makes using used boxes worthwhile. HOWEVER, as far as environmental friendliness is concerned, there is NO difference between packing with a used box, and using new moving boxes made from 100% recycled materials. Many box retailers sell moving boxes made entirely of recycled cardboard materials, and their clients are therefore benefiting from a new, clean, and strong box, while still doing their part for the environment.

Why use an old and hazardous box, when you could use a new box made of 100% recycled materials? Your box will be stronger, cleaner, more durable and reliable, and above all, environmentally friendly.

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