If you’re familiar with matched betting,Guest Posting you know that you need to put lay bets to all of your bookmaker bets, to ensure profits. To get better results it’s recommended to use matched betting calculator.

Matched Betting Calculator is needed to calculate exact amount of stake to lay in betting exchange. Because by putting two equal stakes in a Bookmaker and in Exchange you will decrease profits in a long term. If you put the same stake in exchange as in a bookie, everything will be fine  Scientific Calculators  if you lose at a bookmaker but win at exchange, because you lose and win the same amount of stake.

But if your bookie bet wins, then you lose more at exchange because of higher odds and commission from winning bets. With matched betting calculator you can equally divide loses or profit on both results, by calculating exact lay stake to bet in Betting Exchange. It will be a bit smaller or a bit larger than original stake.

You can find more than one calculator online but mostly all of them are similar. You need to fill several fields:

Back Stake – Amount of stake you put in bookmaker.

Back odds – Odds offered by bookmaker.

Lay odds – Odds offered by betting exchange.

You need to choose one of fallowing:

Qualifier – Bet to qualify for a bonus or a free bet

Free bet(S R) – Free bet where your stake is returned, also know as a bonus

Free bet(S NR) – Free Bet where your stake is not returned, also know as simply a free bet.

As result you’ll get Lay stake which you need to bet in betting exchange. Of course you can calculate everything by yourself, but that is more difficult and takes much more time.   is must have tool for every matched betting bettor.

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