If females could be obsessed with such cosmetic procedures as breast enlargement, this obsession finds an echo in males’ desire for enlarged sexual organs. And like breast enhancement, lengthening of the penis has established a growing acceptance, as vouched by many male enhancement pill reviews, although resistance remains among practitioners of traditional medicine.

Based on male enhancement pill reviews, these non-prescription medicines are the most popular option for penis enlargement. Marketed under the food supplement category, these pills are mostly herbal-based formulations designed for those who have preference for natural methods of male enhancement. Some medical professionals have a liberal stand on these pills, saying that some of these supplements may be appropriate for those who have not been diagnosed for a specific sexual disorder.

Others are more skeptical, contending that these pills are mere placebo drugs whose benefits derive from the very belief of those who take it that such supplements really work. Many doctors will not recommend taking these drugs unless there is approval from the Food and Drug Administration on their pill reviews.

Therefore, many males who cannot obtain regular prescription drugs on penis enlargement rely on these pill reviews to guide them in their purchase. In these reviews, one pill, SinRex Male Enhancement Dual Synergy Performance System, positions itself as the most advanced in improving sexual performance and endurance for men regardless of age. This supplement comes in capsule form and supposedly contains natural herbal extracts formulated in a compound called L-Arginine HCL. This compound is promoted as a semi-essential amino acid that increases the males’ testosterone levels, boosts blood circulation and improves overall sexual functions including increased sperm and semen output.

SizePro is another product usually examined in male enhancement pill reviews. This pill prides itself as among the most patronized penis-enlarging drugs today. red boost attributes its market success to competitive pricing and its blend of natural herbs claimed to make males achieve permanent penis lengthening and girth increase. SizePro also claims doctor approval as a natural solution for men with mild erectile dysfunction, one sales pitch that would have gained some credence if this approving doctor was identified.

Another herbal remedy cited in male enhancement pill reviews as having the imprimatur of a medical professional is Roaring Tiger. This pill has been endorsed by Steven Lamm from the New York University where he is assistant professor of medicine. According to Lamm, also author of the “The Hardness Factor”, herbal pills could be an alternative for men whose decline in sexual performance is not caused by any diagnosed sexual disorder. The Roaring Tiger formulation that he endorsed contains herbal extracts such as those taken from horny goat weed, combined with the L-arginine amino acid.

Although not a pill and not medically endorsed, one product called Maxoderm stands out in male enhancement pill reviews, because this penis-enlargement solution comes in cream form for external use only. What this cream supposedly does is induce relaxation of the arteries in the penis to enable more blood flow into the sexual organ, providing for a firmer and harder erection. Amid this wide array of choices from pills to cream, the lone means to ensure that you’ll be getting what you’re money’s worth from male enhancement solution is to thoroughly check the web for a natural, effective and safe solution that rates well among online reviewers.

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