How To Buy A Good DSLR Camera Lens

August 6, 2022 0 Comments

Finding a good DSLR camera lens can be a gruesome task. There are so many choices to choose from. The key is to know what you are planning to shoot and go from there.

First decide on whether you need a telephoto lens or a wide angle lens. Telephoto lenses can shoot from a distance. The longer the lens the further you can zoom. Most telephoto lenses range from 100mm to 300mm.

If you use a telephoto lens be aware that you need a lot of light. If you are shooting a dark environment then you will not get good shots with a telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses are also great for taking head shots. There is less distortion or warp of an image compared to a wide angle lens.

Wide lenses are good for wide shots. Landscape photography is nikon lens cheap price usually all shot with a wide lens. Most wide lenses range from 35mm to 55mm. When you shoot with a wide lens you will get a warp in your image the wider your lens is. You can shoot in lower light conditions using a wide angle lens.

Some lenses have a fixed focal length. That means you can’t zoom with your lens. At that distance you can create amazing images. The down side is flexibility. You will have to move around a lot and sometimes you do not have that option.

There are image stabilization features in some of the newer lenses. This is useful when zooming in at poorly lit conditions. Image stabilization increases the price of the lenses a few hundred dollars. It’s very useful but not necessarily required when shooting your images.

There are also hybrid lenses that can shoot wide angle shots and also telephoto shots. These lenses are excellent when you do not know the conditions of your shots. They are usually more expensive than wide angle lenses and telephoto lenses. But it can be cheaper to purchase one hybrid lens rather than one wide angle lens and one telephoto lens.

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