Home Heaters – Wood Fire Vs Gas Heating

March 19, 2023 0 Comments

When selecting home heaters, you may have trouble deciding if a wood fire heater or a gas replica wood fire heater is the better choice for your home. In each case, there are pros and cons when it comes to choosing the right style of heater. Depending on where you live, wood may be a much better option than gas. However, gas can be much cleaner. In order to select your ideal heater, it pays to consider the differences between the two and determine which will be most suitable for you.

Wood Fires

There are some lovely aspects about owning a wood fire that make it a popular and sought after option for heating your home. Wood fires are attractive and often considered quite a romantic option, plus they can add value to your property as they are a desirable feature. Wood burners run on a renewable energy source, with a relatively low pollution level overall.

Drawbacks to owning one include gas heaters chopping and stacking wood, particularly during the winter months when you want to simply escape the cold not be more exposed. They are also quite messy when it comes to cleaning of ash from the fire. A further drawback is that wood fires require a chimney, which means you must have a chimney sweep in once a year or so, in order to clean it out and ensure that there is no fire risk.

Gas Heaters

The option to fit a gas heater can be a good one if you want something simple to operate, with nothing more to do than connect to bottled or mains gas. The need to chop and stack wood is removed, which can help if you haven’t the time or strength to do carry out this task. You can also eliminate the need to have a chimney sweep come to do the annual cleaning if you have a gas fire.

The main drawbacks of this lie with the need to source gas. In many rural areas, there are no gas lines and there are no local providers who can deliver bottled gas. In these locations, firewood is often much easier to get a hold of, making wood burners more viable as home heaters than gas fires if you live in the country.

There are pros and cons to having either a wood burner or a gas heater to warm your home. When selecting home heaters, it is worth weighing up the different pros and cons so that you can decide what the best option is for your individual situation. This will help you make a choice that will fit with your day to day life, ensuring you are comfortable and warm during the winter months.

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