Getting a girl’s phone number is usually something that most
guys find difficult and nerve-wracking. But in most cases,
if you’ve just met an attractive girl, you’ll have to know
how to call girls in islamabad get her number in order to date her (unless of
course, in a one-night stand situation). So how do you pull
this off as smoothly as possible without getting rejected by
the girl? Well, here are three very simple techniques which
will virtually guarantee you success nearly every time.

First of all, before doing any of this, you should already
have had some rapport or built at least some sort of basic
connection with the girl.

In using these methods or techniques, the key point is to
realise that you’re not to appear desperate to get her phone
number. The correct attitude here is that if she does not
give it to you, you’ve lost absolutely nothing. Look, there
are at least three billion women on the planet and you do
not need any particular one desperately. Out of every five
women you interact with, you’ll probably get two or three
numbers, so the result of any one interaction is not that
important and is no reflection on your level of skill in the
game of seduction.

So here we go with the techniques: The first one is what I
call the “direct phone” trick. What you simply do here is,
you ask her to give you her phone for a second. Once you
have it, enter your phone number into it and immediately
ring YOUR phone with it. Obviously, this will not work if
she’s got no calling-credit on it. If that is the case you
can turn that situation into one where you “tease” her about
it. If she’s got a good sense of humor, she’ll laugh at
herself. She’ll find the whole thing so funny that she’ll
probably give you her number anyway.

The second technique is called the “business card” trick.
You will need to have a pen and piece of paper handy for
this little manoeuvre. This is how you do it: during the
interaction, ask her if she’s got a business card. Unless
she’s a professional woman who habitually carries around her
cards, she’ll say she hasn’t got a business card. You then
tease her and say something like “What, no business card? I
was going to ask you out but now I’m not so sure you’re not
some sex-crazed serial killer who no one will be able to
identify if I go missing one day.” She’ll probably crack up
laughing at that. Or you can make up your own joke about a
business card. So anyway, you hand her your paper and ask
her to create one and impress you with her creativity. Of
course she should write her phone number on this paper
“business card.”

The third but certainly not the least technique for getting
phone numbers fast and easy is what I simply call the “I’ll
call you” method. Maybe you’ve discovered that she’s also
into dancing, or go-karting or I don’t know rock climbing or
something. You then say “hey, you know, you’re pretty cool
but I bet you can’t be attractive AND good at climbing at
the same time. I refuse to believe it.” She’ll probably say
something like “Are you saying pretty girls can’t climb?” So
next you say “I’ll be the judge of that, maybe you’ll prove
me wrong. We’ll go climbing sometime. I’ve got to rush off
now, but I’ll call you.” You turn away like you’re leaving.
Then at the last minute, you stop, spin back round and say,
“hey, how do I reach you? Carrier pigeon? No, just kidding,
gimme your number and I’ll call you later.”

Note that I didn’t say “can I have your number?” that was
done on purpose. You don’t want to be ASKING for her number,
you want to assume she’ll want you to have it anyway. So
there you go, 3 “killer” ways to get girls’ phone numbers
with a 90% chance of success.

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